Defending Champ Anthony Zinno Wins Some, Loses Some

Sep 16, 2014

Anthony Zinno
A player limps under the gun to 1,200, the button limps, and defending WPT Borgata Poker Open champion Anthony Zinno raises from the big blind to 8,200. The UTG player folds, and the button calls, leaving himself just 3,900 behind.

The flop comes [5s4c2d], and Zinno quickly bets 4,000, effectively putting his opponent all in. His opponent tanks for a bit before he folds, and Zinno takes the pot.

Anthony Zinno  –  130,000  (108 bb)

The next hand, Ami Alibay raises from middle position to 2,600, and the same short-stacked player from the previous hand moves all in from the cutoff for 3,800. Anthony Zinno reraises from the small blind to an unknown amount, and Alibay folds.

The cutoff shows [AsQd], and he’s a dominant favorite to double up against Zinno’s [KdQh].

The board comes [6d5d4h5cAc], and the cutoff wins the pot with two pair, aces and fives, to double up in chips.

Anthony Zinno  –  126,000  (105 bb)

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