Defending Champ Jordan Cristos Eliminated by Keven Stammen

Aug 26, 2014

WPT Champions Club member David Chiu raises from the button to 5,000, Defending WPT Legends of Poker champion Jordan Cristos moves all in from the small blind for 22,700, and reigning WPT World Champion Keven Stammen tanks for a while before reraising from the big blind to about 50,000. Chiu folds.

Cristos turns over [10h10s], and he needs it to hold to stay alive against Stammen’s [AhQs].

The board comes [AdKh9s7dJh], and Stammen pairs his ace on the flop to win the pot and eliminate Cristos from the tournament.

Keven Stammen  –  327,000  (136 bb)
Jordan Cristos  –  Eliminated

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