Defending Champ Jordan Cristos Wins with Aces

Aug 26, 2014

In the last hand before the break, a player raises UTG+1 to 2,600, a player calls from middle position, and defending WPT Legends of Poker champion Jordan Cristos reraises from middle position to 7,600. Seth Berger calls from the hijack, as do the first two players in the pot.

All four players see a flop of [7s6c6d], the first player checks, and the next one bets 17,000. Cristos calls, and everyone else folds.

The turn card is the [3h], the middle-position player bets 28,000, and Cristos calls.

The river card is the [Jh], the middle position player bets 10,000, Cristos raises to 42,000, and the middle-position player tanks for more than six minutes (into the break).

Eventually, the player calls, and Cristos turns over [AhAs] for two pair, aces and sixes. His opponent mucks, and Cristos wins the pot to cross the quarter-million mark in chips.

Jordan Cristos  –  263,000  (164 bb)

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