Dennis Blieden Picks Off Guo Liang Chen's Bluff

May 24, 2018

Dennis Blieden

With around 1,500 in the middle on the Diamond 8Spade 4Club 9 flop, Dennis Blieden (pictured) bets out from middle position, only to have Guo Liang Chen raise to 2,100.

With the action back on Blieden, he makes it 6,300 to go and Chen calls.

Both players check the Club 8 on the turn as the Diamond 7 completes the board on the river.

Blieden checks and Chen bets 11,000. Blieden goes into the tank and eventually uses a time extension button before making the call.

Chen shakes his head and then sheepishly reveals his Spade QHeart J. Blieden then tables his Diamond 10Spade 9, and he will earn the checkmark for this hand.

Dennis Blieden – 60,100
Guo Liang Chen – 34,500

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