Dennis Blieden's Aces vs. Mike Del Vecchio's Kings

May 24, 2018

Dennis Blieden raises to 1,100 from the hijack, Nick Schulman calls from the cutoff, and Mike Del Vecchio three-bets to 5,600 from the small blind. Blieden four-bets to 18,300, Schulman folds, and Del Vecchio calls.

The flop comes down Club 6Club 3Diamond 2, Del Vecchio checks, Blieden bets 20,000, and Del Vecchio calls.

The turn is the Club 7, and both players check.

The river is the Diamond 8, Del Vecchio checks, and Blieden bets 42,500. After a few moments, Del Vecchio calls.

Blieden tables Spade AHeart A for a pair of aces, Del Vecchio flashes Club KSpade K for a pair of kings, and Blieden wins the pot.

Dennis Blieden – 224,000
Mike Del Vecchio – 68,000

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