Derek Nakafuji Doubles Thru Tuan Phan

Jan 12, 2020

Derek Nakafuji

There is 60,000 in the pot, and the board reads Spade 9Club 6Club 2Heart K when Tuan Phan bets more than enough to put Derek Nakafuji all in. Nakafuji calls all in for 67,000, and the two players flip over their cards.

Nakafuji: Club ADiamond K
Phan: Club JClub 9

River: Spade 7

Nakafuji doubles up to survive with 194,000, and Phan holds 310,000 after the hand.

Derek Nakafuji – 194,000 (48 bb)
Tuan Phan – 310,000 (77 bb)

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