Did Justin Oliver Jinx Himself By Calling The Clock

Feb 22, 2016

“I might’ve just jinxed myself,” Justin Oliver laughed sarcastically, after he just got knocked out.

Oliver – talkative and still upbeat ever after having been sent to the rail empty-handed – walked over to our desk and explained the craziness that went down in regards to his elimination.

“So, this all goes back to after I busted the $2,500 event” Oliver started, “And I went to the poker room and signed up for a $1,050 sit and go.”

“I started drinking and was looking to have some fun, but it took like an hour to get that thing started. The structure was very fast – which was fine – but there was this one guy was tanking on every single decision.”

“Now I’ve never called the clock on anyone ever,” Oliver continued, “But I mentioned to him a few times, ‘Dude, you’re taking too long’.”

The $1,050 Sit and Go didn’t work out for Oliver, and the next day he played the Main Event. After making Day 2, he was surprised to find out that the same gentleman was seated at his table again.

“So the guy was now at my table in the Main Event, and he was tanking the entire time on every decision. At one point he tanked for five minutes in a very normal situation, and I called the clock on him, and I swear that was the first time I’d ever called the clock on anyone.”

“After a while he folded that hand, and on the very next one he limped under the gun. I think he had about 100,000 in front of him, and I moved all in with pocket queens for 40,000. It folds back to him, and he – once again – went into the tank for a long time.”

“Eventually he says, ‘I need a double up’ and calls with Diamond JDiamond 9!” Oliver shouted in amazement.

“Can you believe that?” Oliver laughed, “And I lost!”

The flop came down jack-high with one diamond, a second diamond hit on the turn and the queen of diamonds – of all cards – gave Oliver’s opponent a winning flush.

Oliver took it all in stride, but said before leaving, “I’ve been following the posts on Twitter about it not being rude to call the clock, and I agree with that.”

Here’s the Tweet Oliver referenced to by Jason Mercier, and we’re certain that Oliver will be much more inclined in the future to call the clock, despite busting out against the tanker at his table.

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