Dietrich Fast Doubles Thru Craig Chait

Feb 29, 2016

There is about 70,000 in the pot and Dietrich Fast is heads-up with Craig Chait on a flop of Heart 5Heart 4Spade 2. Both players check and the Heart A comes on the turn. Fast checks and Chait bets 40,000. Fast moves all in and Chait has the dealer pull in the dead money and can see that Fast is all in for about an additional 155,000.

Chait spends a minute in the tank before pushing forward a call. Chait shows Club ADiamond K, but needs to improve against Fast’s Diamond ADiamond 4. Chait needs a five or a king to send Fast home, but the Diamond 9 comes on the river and Fast doubles up.

Dietrich Fast – 510,000 (85 bb)
Craig Chait – 225,000 (37 bb)

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