Dimitri Kataev Eliminated by Serder Saglam

Sep 8, 2014

Dmitry Kataev We have just seen Serder Saglam take 200,000 from the Dimitri Kataev stack. Here is is taking the other 270,000.

Louis Salter once again acting as commentator as he explained how Saglam had called a Kataev three-bet before heading to a [Ks] [5h] [4s] flop. Saglam checked, Kataev c-bet, and Saglam called.

The turn card was the [Jc]; Saglam checked, Kataev bet 66,000. Saglam moved all-in, and Kataev made the call.


Saglam: [Kd] [Jh]
Kataev: [Ac] [Kc]

Saglam had turned two pair, and after the [Qh] completed the action, Kataev – who was a real contender for this thing – was out.

Saglam ~ 720,000

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