Dimitrios Ballas Out in 8th ($40,500)

Sep 10, 2014

Dimitrios Ballas Nicolas Chouity opens to 60,000, in the cutoff, but has to be reminded that the blinds have increased to 20,000/40,000. He adjusts his raise size to 80,000 and when the action folds around to Dimitrios Ballas, in the small blind, he moves all-in. Chouity does some math and makes the call.


Chouity: [Jh] [3h]
Ballas: [Ah] [Qd]

The flop of [9s] [8d] [7d] hands Chouity a gunshot. The [4h] on the turn is not one of those outs, but the [Ts] on the river is. Chouity hits his straight and Ballas is out.

Chouity ~ 3,600,000

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