Dion Doubles Back Up

Feb 23, 2014

Yann Dion doubled up Mike Watson about 30 minutes ago, but he just found a double up himself through Daniel Dvoress.

Dvoress raises to 6,500 from early position and the player to his left makes the call. The action folds to Dion and he decides to three-bet to 20,000.

Dvoress tanks for quite a bit but eventually he moves all in getting the second player involved to fold quickly. Dion looks back down at his cards and makes the call for 114,700 total.

Dion: [AcKs]
Dvoress: [AsQc]

The board runs out [AdJh4c8hTd] and Dion receives a full double up.

Yann Dion – 245,000
Daniel Dvoress – 24,000

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