Dmitry Gromov Eliminated by Vladimir Shabalin

Aug 13, 2021

Dmitry Gromov loses an all-in against Georgiy Bandura and has just 14,000 left. He survives the next all-in showdown and is then at risk against Vladimir Shabalin.

Dmitry Gromov: Diamond AHeart Q
Vladimir Shabalin: Spade 8Diamond 8

On a board of Heart KClub 6Heart 4Heart 2Spade K, WPT Champions Club member Gromov finds no help and departs in 38th place.

Vladimir Shabalin – 950,000
Dmitry Gromov – Eliminated in 38th Place (₽234,850 / $3,192)

Dmitry Gromov
Dmitry Gromov

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