Dmitry Gromov Out in 2nd Place ($215,000)

Sep 10, 2014


Alexander Lakhov opens the button, Dmitry Gromov moves all-in for 1,800,000 and Lakhov makes the call.

Lakhov: [Jd] [Js]
Gromov: [Ad] [2d]

Lakhov is looking to fade the ace or a succession of glittering diamonds.

The flop is [Kd] [Th] [5c], to give Gromov some backdoor outs. The turn card is the [5s], thus removing those outs. Only an ace can save Gromov. The river is the [Tc] and Lakhov has won the partypoker World Poker Tour Merit Classic North Cyprus event and $325,400.

Gromov earns $215,000 for his second-place finish after being denied his second WPT title this time around.

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