Dominykas Mikolaitij leaves Aaron Van Blarcum Short

Nov 27, 2021

Dominykas Mikolaitij

Dominykas Mikolaitij (pictured) limps from early position and action folds to Christy Whitehurst in the cutoff, and she raises to 2,500. Aaron Van Blarcum was next to act on the button, and he calls.

The flop falls Club 10Heart 3Diamond 3 and action checks to Van Blarcum who fires for 5,500. Mikolaitij check-raises to 11,000, and both Whitehurst and Van Blarcum fold.

Van Blarcum: 15,500 (13 bbs)
Whitehurst: 80,000 (67 bbs)
Mikolaitij: 78,000 (65 bbs)

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