Doyle Brunson Eliminated by Darren Elias

Dec 8, 2011

The namesake of the WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic has been eliminated.

After a flop of [Js7d5h], Darren Elias (who recently final tabled the WPT Borgata Poker Open) bets, Doyle Brunson raises, and Elias moves all in.

Brunson calls with [KhJh] for a pair of jacks, but Elias turns over [QcQh]. The two players are nearly even in chips, but Brunson will need to improve to stay alive.

The turn is the [10d], the river is the [9s], and Darren Elias wins the pot with his pocket queens to eliminate Doyle Brunson from the tournament.

Darren Elias  –  120,000
Doyle Brunson  –  Eliminated

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