Dragem Vang Eliminated by John T

May 18, 2018

Elizabeth Tedder raises to 750 preflop from middle position, Dragem Vang reraises to 1,250 on the cutoff, and John T calls on the small blind.

The flop falls Spade QHeart 9Club 5, Vang bets 4,000 from the cutoff, and John reraises to 10,000. Tedder folds. Dragem calls all in, and the two players table their cards.

John: Diamond QClub Q
Vang: Diamond ASpade K

Turn and River: Spade 5Heart 2

Vang is eliminated on the hand, and John T stacks up 29,400 after the hand.

John T – 29,400 (98 bb)
Dragem Vang – Eliminated

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