Dylan Linde Outkicks Jordan Cristos

Mar 2, 2020

WPT Champions Club member Dylan Linde raises to 8,000 from late position and WPT Champions Club member calls in the hijack next to act, as does Claude Codru from the small blind.

The flop lands Spade ASpade 8Diamond 7 and Linde continues for 13,000. Cristos calls and Codru folds as the turn lands the Heart 6.

Linde checks and Cristos bets 26,000. Linde calls, and then both players check the Diamond 5 on the river.

Cristos reveals his Club AClub J, but Linde shows his Heart AHeart Q to collect the pot.

Dylan Linde – 340,000
Claude Codru – 360,000
Jordan Cristos – 105,000

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