Dylan Wilkerson Calls the Bluff of Seth Davies; Davies Down to One Chip

Dec 15, 2021

Dylan Wilkerson
Photo:  Dylan Wilkerson

In a battle between two members of the WPT Champions Club, with the final board showing Spade 8Spade 6Club 3Spade 7Heart A and 6,000 in the pot, Seth Davies checks the big blind, and Dylan Wilkerson bets 2,400 from the hijack.

Davies check-raises to 37,200, leaving himself just a single 100 chip behind.

Wilkerson tanks for a very long time before he announces “Raise.” Davies immediately folds to forfeit the pot, and Wilkerson takes it.

Dylan Wilkerson  (127,000  (212 bb)
Seth Davies  –  100  (<1 bb)

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