Dylan Wilkerson Doubles Thru Andrew Shack

Aug 23, 2014

Andrew Shack limps in from early position, Vince Van Patten raises to 1,200 from the hijack and Dylan Wilkerson three-bets to 3,000 from the button. Both Shack and Van Patten call to see the [KcQc9h] flop.

All three players check, landing the [7s] turn. Shack shoves with the biggest stack of the bunch (more than 60,000) and Van Patten folds. Wilkerson tanks for about 90 seconds before he calls all in for 22,100 with [10d10h]. Shack shows [Ac2c] for a flush draw and finds no help from the [2h] river, securing the double up for Wilkerson.

Dylan Wilkerson – 53,500
Andrew Shack – 40,000
Vince Van Patten – 35,400

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