Dylan Wilkerson Doubles Thru David Williams

Aug 27, 2014

David Consolazio raises to 13,000 in middle position, Seth Berger three-bets to 35,000 in the cutoff, David Williams four-bets to 82,000 in the small blind and Dylan Wilkerson five-bets all in for 106,000 in the big blind. Consolazio folds, Berger folds after some deliberation and Williams calls. Berger mentions that he held A-K.

Williams: [JdJc]
Wilkerson: [QdQc]

The board runs out [Ks7h6c6s8d], safe for Wilkerson to double up.

Dylan Wilkerson – 268,000 (44 bb)
Seth Berger – 250,000 (41 bb)
David Consolazio – 150,000 (25 bb)
David Williams – 170,000 (28 bb)

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