Dylan Wilkerson Doubles Thru Vince Van Patten

Aug 23, 2014

The player under the gun raises to 2,500 and WPT host Vince Van Patten calls behind him. Dylan Wilkerson is next to act, and he reraises, making it 6,000 to play. The initial raiser folds, while Van Patten calls.

The flop comes [JcJd9d] and the two players proceed to get it all-in for Wilkerson’s remaining 26,700 chips.  Wilkerson hold [KdKs] for two pair, kings and jacks, while Van Patten has [Ad4d] for the nut flush draw.

The turn brings the [5s] and the river double pairs the board with the [5c] to give Wilkerson the pot and the double up.

Dylan Wilkerson – 80,000
Vince Van Patten – 62,000 

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