Dylan Wilkerson Out in 14th Place ($19,420)

Aug 28, 2014

Gene OLeary limps from the hijack for 20,000, Dylan Wilkerson moves all in from the button for about 330,000, and Anthony Tao moves all in over the top from the small blind for about 840,000. OLeary folds.

Wilkerson turns over [Ah3h], but he needs to improve to stay alive against Tao’s [KcKs].

The board comes [6d4h3dAcKd] — Wilkerson turns two pair to take the lead, only to see Tao river a set of kings to win the pot and eliminate Wilkerson from the tournament.

Anthony Tao  –  1,290,000  (64 bb)
Dylan Wilkerson  –  Eliminated in 14th Place  ($19,420)

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