Ed Alikhani Doubles Through Jon Michael Gisler

Jan 10, 2020

Ed Alikhani

Jon Michael Gisler raises to 900 from under the gun and Gueorgui Gantchev calls next to act. From the button, Ed Alikhani (pictured) moves all in for 2,000 following him doubling up Cole Sudeck the hand previous.

The blinds fold, and Gisler reraises to 5,500 and Gantchev folds.

Alikhani: Diamond ASpade Q
Gisler: Diamond QClub J

The board runs out Spade KHeart 5Heart 6Spade 3Heart 9 and Alikhani doubles through.

Ed Alikhani – 5,900
Jon Michael Gisler – 72,700

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