Edward Guergis Eliminated in Fifth Place ($16,945)

Oct 30, 2017

Edward GuergisEdward Guergis
Edward Guergis moves all in preflop for 55,000 on the button, and Arthur Hahn, William Santos, and John David all come along for the ride. The three lives players check down the board dealt As3h2cQd8d, and everyone flips over their cards.

Hahn: Ah7d
Guergis: QcTd
Santos: Kd8h
David: 5h2h

Guergis is eliminated in fifth place, good for $16,945, and Hahn wins the hand to grow his stack to 650,000.

Arthus Hahn – 650,000 (10 bb)
John David – 2,900,000 (48 bb)
William Santos – 590,000 (9 bb)
Edward Guergis – Eliminated in Fifth Place ($16,945)

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