Edwards Muñiz Takes the Chip Lead

Jan 13, 2020

Edwards Muñiz

Edwards Muñiz (pictured) limps from the small blind and Trung Pham checks his option in the big blind.

The flop is Heart 5Spade 2Heart 2, Muñiz bets 300,000 and Pham calls.

The turn is the Spade 6 and Muñiz check-calls 650,000 from Pham.

The river is the Club 2, Muñiz checks, Pham bets 2,000,000 and Muñiz calls.

Pham shows Diamond 10Spade 9 for air, while Muñiz tables Club 10Club 5 for deuces full of fives to win the pot and take the chip lead.

Edwards Muñiz – 10,175,000
Trung Pham – 3,775,000

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