Ekrem Bozkurt Eliminated by Lior Orel

Jan 11, 2020

Lior Orel

There is over 12,000 in the pot, and the flop reads Diamond 10Diamond 9Club 6 when Ekrem Bozkurt is already all in. Lior Orel (pictured) bets 7,500 under the gun, and Shannon Shorr tanks before check-calling on the big blind.

The turn falls Club 2, Orel bets 22,500, and Shorr tanks before check-calling again. The river delivers the Heart A, Orel moves all in, and Shorr check-folds.

Bozkurt shows Spade KDiamond Q, but Orel holds Club 10Club 9 for two-pair. Bozkurt is eliminated on the hand, and Orel stacks up 108,500 after collecting the pot.

Lior Orel – 108,500 (90 bb)
Ekrem Bozkurt – Eliminated

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