Elias Abou Saleh Defends Against Fredrik Andersson

Feb 19, 2020

Fredrik Andersson raises under the gun, making it 1,200 to play. It folds all the way round to Elias Abou Saleh in the big blind, who defends.

The flop comes Spade 6Club 3Diamond K and Andersson bets 1,200 again, which Abou Saleh check-calls.

The turn is the Heart 5 and Abou Saleh check-calls another bet, this time 3,500. The Club 9 completes the board and neither player bets, taking them to showdown. Abou Saleh reveals Spade AClub K and it’s good enough, with Andersson sending his cards into the muck.

Fredrik Andersson – 32,000
Elias Abou Saleh – 52,000

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