Elizabeth Tedder Mixes Vacation With WPTDS Marrakech

Oct 7, 2017


Elizabeth Tedder has 40 verified Hendon Mob cashes, all of which are in the United States. That was until she hopped on a plane to Marrakech, entered the WPTDS Marrakech Main Event and was one of 55 players to cash.

“I came into the day with 92,000, which was average, and now have around 310,000 which is still around average! I’ve been average all day.

“I came here just for this. Just for a vacation because I love to check out new places. All my friends said that I was crazy, and in the end I couldn’t get anyone else to come with me!

Tedder says that she loves poker, and even practiced her French numbers in preparation for announcing bet-sizings before leaving for Morocco.

“I work in TV production and in between shows I have a lot of time off to travel and play poker. So I went online to have a look at what tournaments were running, and I accidentally clicked on the DeepStacks page and here I am!

“It’s so exciting being here. It’s just an amazing experience. I visited the waterfalls and went shopping in the markets before I started playing, but since then I haven’t had that much time because I’ve been playing. After this I’m planning on going surfing!”

Tedder is still in with 38 players remaining in the WPTDS Marrakech Main Event.

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