Elliot Smith Eliminated by Sorel Mizzi

Dec 14, 2018

Patrick Mahoney raises to 35,000 from under the gun, Sorel Mizzi calls from the hijack and Elliot Smith three-bets to 125,000 from the button. Both Mahoney and Mizzi call.

The flop is Spade AClub 9Club 4, and action checks to Smith who bets 90,000. Mahoney folds, Mizzi check-raises to 305,000, Smith reraises all in for about 645,000 and Mizzi calls.

Mizzi: Spade 4Heart 4
Smith: Spade 9Spade 6

Mizzi is way out in front with a set against Smith’s second pair, but the turn is the Spade K to give Smith a flush draw.

The river is the Club 5, no help to Smith, ending his tournament in 35th place.

Sorel Mizzi – 2,450,000
Elliot Smith – Eliminated in 35th Place ($42,645)

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