Elliot Smith Eliminated by Zack Wilson

May 13, 2015

Elliot SmithRoman Valerstein and Elliot Smith have just gotten it in. Smith was holding Adiamond Jclub, Valerstein was holding Aspade Kdiamond, and the Adiamond 7heart 2club 7club 6diamond board offered nothing for Smith. Valerstein moves up to 135,000, and Smith is down to 2,000.

In the following hand Zack Wilson opens to 4,000, Smith moves all-in and there are three more callers. The flop is Adiamond Jdiamond 7spade, Wilson bets 6,300 and everyone folds. He turns over pocket kings, Smith shows Kheart 3club, and he is out after the turn and river bricks.

Wilson ~ 72,000.

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