Eminoglu Misses The World

Nov 12, 2014

The WPT500 currently has 171 entries here on Day 1D and the triple British Poker Award-winning Best Live Cardroom of the Year is putting on a great show.  From the superb menu in the partypoker lounge, to the great cash game action and competitions with Mad Marty Wilson on the pool table and darts oche, there’s so much for players to do throughout the festival. 

A fantastic three-way confrontation developed on Yucel ‘The Mad Turk’ Eminoglu’s table here at Dusk til Dawn. On a board of [6h8hTh6d] Yucel (pictured, above) is all-in with [6c7h] against one opponent with [7s9c] for the straight and [3h4h] for the flopped flush. Any pair on the board, any heart or the case six are available to Eminoglu, but he misses them all on the [Qs] river, and a 60,000 pot is slid away from him, meaning he’ll re-enter. 

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