Eminoglu Prods Young

Nov 9, 2014

Yucel ‘Mad Turk’ Eminoglu has joined the action as we lose Simon Tomsett and Terry Jordon here on Day 1a of the WPT-500 in Nottingham’s stunning Dusk til Dawn. 

Colin Young is certainly driving the action, as he bets to 2,400 pre-flop, sharing Eminoglu’s table. 

"You don’t want us both in the pot with you." goads Eminoglu. "We’re both a couple of calling stations." 

Eminoglu and Steve Chennells call, and we see a flop of [6h7c9d] 

Young laughs, and bets out 3,000. Both Eminoglu and Chennells fold pretty quickly. 

"Colin didn’t have any of that," shares Eminoglu. "He had an overpair." 

"I’m not telling you what I had." says Colin. 

‘Mad Turk’ is not off to the best start, as a brief round-up of some players chips tell us: 

Robert Smith 205,000
Brandon Sheils 196,000 
Mohammed Mohammed 58,100
Neil McCulloch 36,500
Steve Alexander 32,000
Tim Tim Timotheu 26,900 
Yucel Eminoglu 17,000 

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