Eric Bonin Takes Down Multi-Way Pot

Nov 29, 2022

Eric Bonin

Robel Andemichael opens to 250,000 from the lo-jack, and Brian Altman calls on the button. Eric Bonin is in the big blind and calls.

The flop falls Spade AClub 8Club 6, and Bonin checks. Andemichael continues for 250,000, and both opponents call.

The dealer burns and turns the Heart 5, and action checks through.

The river Diamond 7 completes the board, and Bonin bets 800,000. Andemichael’s and Altman’s cards quickly hit the muck, and Bonin picks up the pot.

Eric Bonin – 3,800,000 (30 bb)
Robel Andemichael – 3,400,000 (27 bb)
Brian Altman – 9,100,000 (73 bb)

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