Erkut Yilmaz Eliminated by Bilal Abbas

Oct 28, 2018

Perry Phillip Rouzes is all in while WPT Champions Club member Erkut Yilmaz builds a side pot of 52,000 against Bilal Abbas.

The dealer spreads a Jc3s6c flop and Yilmaz checks to Abbas who bets 50,000. Yulmaz announces he is all in for 98,500, and after about two minutes of deliberation, Abbas calls.

Rouzes: AcQh
Abbas: KhJh
Yilmaz: TdTc

The 5d and Qs land on the turn and river, and as Yilmaz heads to the rail, Abbas wins the side pot and Rouzes stays alive collecting the main pot.

Bilal Abbas – 270,000
Erkut Yilmaz – Eliminated

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