Erkut Yilmaz Eliminated in 43rd Place by Jordan Schneider

Nov 26, 2018

Erkut Yilmaz Erkut Yilmaz

Farid Jattin raises from the cutoff to 35,000, Jordan Schneider calls from the small blind, and WPT Champions Club member Erkut Yilmaz (pictured) moves all in from the big blind for 250,000.

Jattin folds, and Schneider calls with AdTs. Yilmaz turns over Ah7h, but he’s dominated and facing elimination.

The board comes Qh8s3s2h3d — Yilmaz turns a heart flush draw, but improves no further. Schneider wins the pot to eliminate Yilmaz in 43rd place.

Jordan Schneider  –  675,000  (45 bb)
Erkut Yilmaz  –  Eliminated in 43rd Place  ($11,250)

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