Eustace To Be Kidding!

Nov 10, 2014

Wayne Eustace was locing life, well, as much as anyone with a short-stack actually can enjoy life. But he was happy enough, eulogising on the benefits of his massage while he worked on grinding his stack back up to average. 

That all stopped in the last hand, as he raised over the top of Angelo Karunakaran and Alex Martin, and got a call from the latter, who had a huge pile to peel the 9,925 chips from. 

Wayne Eustace: [4h4d] 

Alex Martin: [8s4s] 

The flop came [5c7c2d], before the turn of [3s] gave Martin a world of outs. The [6h] river crushed Eustace’s dreams and led to a few oohs and ahhs from the table. 

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