Farid Yachou Eliminated in Cooler vs Kees Aerts

May 5, 2017

Kees Aerts
We were told that Farid Yachou had been eliminated in a cooler hand against Kees Aerts (pictured) so we headed over to see Aerts with a stack of over 160,000 chips. The hand seemed to have left an impression on the table who all contributed their own bits to the retelling of the hand.

Farid Chati raised to 1,400. Aerts called in the next position and Yachou defended his big blind.

The flop came X 5X 7X 9. Yachou checked to Chati who bet 2,025. Aerts called and Yachou check-raised to 6,525. Both remaining players called.

The turn was the X 9 and Yachou bet 11,000. Chati folded and Aerts called. On the river X K Yachou bet 23,000 leaving himself around 10,000 behind. He was then shoved on by Aerts and Yachou called tabling X 6X 8 for a straight.

However, Aerts had rivered a full house with pocket Kings to eliminate Yachou for the second time today!

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