Fedor Holz Drops Further Behind

Dec 18, 2023

Fedor Holz (left) and Mario Mosboeck (right)

In a hand that starts at the very end of the previous level, Fedor Holz raises to 24,000 on the button and Mario Mosboeck three-bets to 115,000 in the small blind.

The call by Holz leads them to the Club ASpade QHeart 9 flop on which Mosboeck continues for 40,000. Holz raises it up to 135,000 and Mosboeck sticks around. The Diamond 3 turn is checked behind by Holz, who uses a time bank extension to do so.

Both also check the Diamond 5 river and Mosboeck wins the pot with the Spade JSpade 9.

Mario Mosboeck – 1,635,000 (126 bb)
Fedor Holz – 350,000 (27 bb)

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