Fedor Holz Eliminated by Isaac Haxton

Dec 19, 2023

Fedor Holz

Isaac Haxton raises to 60,000 on the button and Dan Smith calls in the small blind. Fedor Holz then three-bets to 250,000 out of the big blind and Haxton is the sole caller.

Holz continues for 90,000 into 585,000 on the Diamond KClub 6Club 2 flop and Haxton comes along to then see Holz check the Diamond 8 turn. Haxton moves all-in and that sends Holz deep into the tank.

With around 675,000 behind, Holz uses four of his six time bank extensions before he eventually calls.

Fedor Holz: Club AHeart Q
Isaac Haxton: Heart KHeart 9

Once the cards are revealed, Holz nods and vaults out of his chair. The Spade 5 river brings no help to the German and he exits in 11th place while Haxton takes the lead.

Isaac Haxton – 3,800,000 (152 bb)
Dan Smith – 2,750,000 (110 bb)
Fedor Holz – Eliminated

Isaac Haxton busts Fedor Holz

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