Felix Schulze Eliminated in 4th Place ($139,163)

Jan 27, 2021

It hasn’t been too long since players returned from their break and three playable hands have been dealt to the four players. Dan Shak has Heart AHeart 3 and raises to 1.75 million. Felix Schulze flats Club AClub J on the button and Rayan Chamas puts in a trademark 3-bet from the small blind with Club KClub 10. The 7 million raise prompts a fold from Shak but Schulze peels in position and they see a flop.

It comes Club 5Diamond JSpade 10 and Chamas goes all in at this point. Schulze doesn’t need to think twice, insta-calling and the Diamond 4 turn makes no difference but the Diamond K river does, sending WPTDS Champion Schulze to the rail.

Commentator Jeff Gross sums it up well: “We have seen some murky rivers here at this final table.” Chamas sneaks into the marginal lead with three left.

Rayan Chamas – 69,471,018
Dan Shak – 39,174,394
Jack Hardcastle – 68,797,222
Felix Schulze – Eliminated

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