Felix Schulze Running Hot

Jan 11, 2020

Felix Schulze

It seems like just a few moments ago Felix Schulze was heading to the registration desk after busting an earlier bullet. Now it is an entirely different story after the WPTDS Amsterdam Champion has benefitted from another monster clash.

Schulze kindly recounted the details of the hand to WPT.com:

There was a 3,200 open from the player in middle position and Schulze three-bet to 10,000 in position. After he called, they saw a Heart QSpade 10Diamond 2 flop. The middle position player opted to lead for 12,000 and Schulze smooth-called.

The turn was the Heart 6 and after a check, Schulze bet 15,500. His opponent went all in for 80,000 total and Schulze snap-called with the nuts, holding Diamond QClub Q. His opponent was drawing dead with Spade QHeart J, rendering the river irrelevant.

Felix Schulze – 200,000

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