Feryat Toprakli Triples

Jan 12, 2020

Eldad Bentov opens the cutoff, making it 30,000 and Feryat Toprakli three-bets 183,000 all in from the small blind. Daniel Szymanski is in the big blind and goes over the top, giving Bentov a big decision to make for his tournament life.

He takes his time and calls to find his Club AClub K to find Daniel Szymanski has Spade AHeart K. It’s good news for Toprakli, with Diamond 5Heart 5 in the hole, he has to fade four outs and combo draws in order to triple.

It’s great news for Toprakli, who holds on the Diamond 7Spade 6Diamond 8Club JClub 4 board and takes a late boost.

Feryat Toprakli – 564,000

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