Final Table Live Stream Update

Nov 6, 2014

There have been some serious issues in the final table area for tomorrow’s WPT Final Table — namely, a severe lack of internet service. (A hurricane came thru here about two weeks ago, which could be a factor.)

The WPT Final Table is scheduled to start at 11:00 am, and the local technicians will once again attempt to connect internet service tomorrow morning. But at this point, it’s uncertain whether or not they will be successful.

Of course, without internet access, the scheduled Internet live stream would be impossible.

The final table will begin at 11:00 am regardless, and if there is sufficient internet access available, then the WPT Live Stream will go live online.

However, if there isn’t sufficient internet access, the cameras and commentator Tony Dunst will all be in position recording everything live-to-tape (or live-to-disk) for a delayed Internet rebroadcast within the next several days.

The hand-for-hand WPT Live Updates will continue live as usual. Even if there is no Internet access in the final table area, text is much easier to post than streaming video, and we will find a way to get the updates posted as close-to-live as possible.

When the situation becomes clear, an update will be posted here in the Live Updates, as well as on Twitter on the @WPTlive account.

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