Firsau Pressures Thomas

Dec 21, 2013

Within the last three hands, Vasili Firsau won the blinds and ante twice, first by raising out of the cutoff to 105,000 and then the small blind to 135,000. In between, Gintaras Simaitis tried the same but the Lithuanian ended up folding vs the three bet of Andrey Shatilov to 275,000.

In the fourth hand, Vasili Firsau raised to 105,000 from the button and Julian Thomas three bet to 265,000 out of the small blind. Firsau grabs his stack of white 100,000 chips and puts it in the middle for a hefty reraise to 1,500,000. This four bet forced the German to fold and Firsau has increased his lead once again.

Oh and yeah, the Belarusian showed the [5d].

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