Five More Hands...Drama!

Nov 10, 2014

This Day 1a flight of the WPT-500 Nottingham has burst into life right at the death! 

First, Neil McCulloch raises to 30k over the open from Gavin Markham, but Chris Bruce shoves over the top for 40,000. Somehow, Markham finds the fold with pocket queens, which is a relief when he sees the hands on their backs. 

Neil: [KcKh]
Chris: [JsTc] 

Neil McCulloch – 180,000
Chris Bruce – 0 

The board runs out [As6h9h4c6s] to send Bruce packing, and Markham patting himself on the back! 

Over on the far table is a three-way pre-flop all-in with a massive pot of 170,000 crippling one player, busting another, and catapulting one player right back inot contention for the tournament! 

On their backs…

David Cook [KdQd] 
Vasile Stancu [9h9c] 
Richard Massey [QsQc] 

The board plays out [9sTh2c5s2d] and Stancu wins a fanastic pot! 

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