Flopped Set for Elyasher

Sep 5, 2014

David Elyasher opens to 500, from first position, and receives four callers.

Flop: [Qh] [4c] [2h]

Elyasher is left to c-bet to 700, the player seated to his direct left makes the call, as does Manig Loeser in the big blind.

Turn: [6s]

Elyasher checks, the player in the seat next to him bets 2,000, Loeser calls, as does Elyasher.

River: [7d]

Elyasher checks, the players in the seat next to him bets 3,000, Loeser folds and Elyasher makes the call.

Elyasher shows [2d] [2s] for the flopped set, and it’s good.

Elyasher ~ 33,000
Loeser ~ 23,000

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