Flush for Brian Altman Over Harry Arutyunyan

Aug 31, 2019

Brian Altman

WPT Champions Club member Brian Altman (pictured) raises to 800 in the hijack and Season XIII WPT Legends of Poker Champion Harry Arutyunyan three-bets next to act in the cutoff to 2,800.

Action folds back to Altman, and he calls as the flop lands Diamond ADiamond 9Diamond 6.

Altman checks and Arutyunyan continues for 2,000. Altman calls, and then check-calls 4,500 when the turn lands the Diamond 10.

The river of the Club Q checks through, and Altman tables his Diamond 4Club 4 for a flush as Arutyunyan mucks.

Brian Altman – 94,000
Harry Arutyunyan – 41,000

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