Flush for Said Abuqartoumy

Jan 18, 2020

Said Abuqartoumy

Said Abuqartoumy (pictured) raises to 800 from under the gun and Jean Gaspard three-bets to 2,500 from middle position.

Action folds back to Abuqartoumy, and he calls as the flop lands Spade 6Spade 7Spade Q.

Abuqartoumy check-calls a bet of 3,000 as the turn lands the Club J. Abuqartoumy checks, and Gaspard bets 6,700. Abuqartoumy calls, and both players check the Spade 4 on the river.

Abuqartoumy tables his Spade AClub Q for the ace-high flush, and Gaspard mucks.

Said Abuqartoumy – 96,00
Jean Gaspard – 80,500

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