Follow The Leader

Nov 13, 2014

Nick HolbrookWith chip leader Nick Holbrook (pictured above) up to 200,000 chips, we thought we’d stop off at his table and check out the action. It turns out that it’s by far the most chip-rich table in the tournament, with Dave Lloyd Cronin Cornelius and Chaz Chattha both well stacked. Kevin Allen and Konrad Abela have smaller stacks, but are tough opponents, so every player has his work cut out getting chips off the others at this all-male table.

We watched three hands, with Chaz Chattha making a big raise pre-flop to 6,200 over the top of Fara Thomas’s opening bet of 2,100 (blinds are 500/1,000/100) and getting folds all round. In the second hand, Fara Thomas was at it again, raising to 2,100 as standard. This time, Abela called and the two men saw a flop of [Ad3h7s] but a c-bet of 2,500 from Thomas was enough to take it. On the third, Dave Lloyd raised to 2,000 in early position. He was immediately raised to 5,200 by chip leader Holbrook, but Lloy’s 4-bet to 10,400 ended Holbrook’s interest in the hand. 

We lost Viktor Ilyukhin (Senior), Elliott Panyi,  Danny Laming and Sarah Berry in the last hour, but almost all of them are expected to play tomorrow on what could be a record-breaking day for Dusk til Dawn in terms of attendance. 

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