Former Bay 101 Champions Nearly Side By Side

Mar 17, 2009

Two former champions in this event are seated two seats away from each other — 2006 Bay 101 champ Nam Le is in seat 5, and 2007 Bay 101 champ Ted Forrest is in seat 4. 

Curiously, neither was a Shooting Star when they won this event. (Forrest was offered a Shooting Star slot that year, but turned it down.) Both are Shooting Stars this year, however, so anyone who busts them will collect an autographed t-shirt and a $5,000 bounty. 

The Bay 101 Shooting Star has been played every year since 1997, and the last Shooting Star to win was John Bonetti in 1999. If a Shooting Star wins, they keep their own t-shirt and collect their own bounty ($5,000). 

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